Waar (Attack)


Pakistani military intelligence personnel track down a group of highly dangerous fundamentalists and foreign agents plotting a wave of terrorist attacks in the wake of a counter-terrorism operation in the north-western tribal regions of the country. Ehtesham and intelligence officer Javeria lead the counter-terrorist operation but to beat the rogue operatives, they must turn to former army officer Major Mujtaba, who took an early retirement from the military when his family was assassinated by Rammel, the key suspect behind the imminent terror threat. Waar is inspired by Pakistan’s war on terror, and loosely based on the attack on a Police Academy in Lahore in 2009.


“[Waar] garners points for representing Pakistan in a light that’s not clichéd and one that focuses on its own battles against terrorists.”Emirates 

“The film opened four weeks ago and for a time was playing on all screens at many multiplexes. It will likely be the year’s top grosser. Its action sequences and cinematography stand out and should give a boost to the country’s struggling cinema industry.”First Post

“The cinematography and special effects are something rare in Pakistan.”FilmStories.com



Interview with director Bilal Lashari